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Why Are Safety Glasses Important

It is estimated that over 1000 eye injuries occur every day in the United States. These injuries can lead to permanent eye damage or even a loss of vision. Most of these eye injuries could have been prevented by wearing the right type of eye protection, such as safety glasses.

Why are safety glasses important?
Safety glasses are used for a number of dangerous tasks where there is potential for damage to the eye. The following are some of the situations where safety glasses are extremely important.

Working with chemicals
It is well known that even the safest of chemicals can cause irritation and even damage to the eyes. Many chemicals are in liquid form and can splash into the eyes, they may also release toxic fumes that can irritate the eyes. This is why it is very important to wear safety glasses when working with these substances.

Working with power tools
Power tools are very common in most industrial situations. They are not usually dangerous themselves when used correctly, but metal or wood splinters are common when cutting or drilling. A pair of quality safety glasses will protect your eyes in this situation.

Other eye protection
It is also important to wear eye protection when using welding or cutting equipment that uses a powerful flame. This emits a bright light that can cause damage to the eyes and dark tinted glasses or facemask is highly recommended when doing this type of work.

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