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Why Do Cats Climb Trees

A cat is a small domesticated animal that are commonly kept as pets. There are many types of cats and they range in size and color. Cats are found almost everywhere in the world and were once thought to have originated in Egypt. However, recent evidence has been found to show that they in fact came from African wildcats. Cats have very quick reflexes and incredible balance and it is well known that a falling cat will almost always land on its feet. Cats are also excellent climbers and will climb many different things. It is a common part of folklore and stories for cats to be rescued from trees by well meaning people. Read on to find out, why cats climb trees?

Why do cats climb trees?
There are a number of reasons that cats climb trees. Firstly cats are predatory animals. This means that they hunt for their food. As a predatory animal, cats climb trees to scope out their environment. From a higher vantage pint cats are able to spot potential prey and dangers. They can use the height to work out the best way to get from where they are to where they want to be. Climbing a tree gives a cat a more complete view of their surroundings. Cats are naturally curious and like to know what is going on in their world. Cats also use the branches of the trees and the foliage as camouflage. Many ground-dwelling prey will not see a cat in a tree. Cats also climb trees when chasing likely prey such as squirrels, possums, birds etc.

Cats also climb trees as a form of self-preservation. Whilst they are a predator, there are much larger predators that are a danger to a cat. They will climb a tree to hide and/or escape from predators as many predators cannot climb. In the wild certain species of cats will sleep in trees to protect themselves from ambush while resting. Some house cats will also sleep in a high place, such as in a tree, to avoid being surprised or attacked whilst sleeping. Cats are also solitary by nature and will climb to be alone and to rest.

Young kittens will climb trees to hone their skills in this area. Climbing helps develop cat’s muscles and enables them to learn important skills such as balance and agility.

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