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Why do Cats Have Whiskers

Cats are the most popular domesticated pet in the world. They make a popular pets because they provide good companionship, are relatively easy to care for and they will often hunt household pests. It is believed they were domesticated in Egypt and are believed to have lived with humans for over 9,000 years. There are many breeds of cat, including many crossbreeds, but there are 41 breeds that are recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (largest registry of pedigree cats). Most of these recognized breeds have a distinctive set of whiskers. If you have ever wondered what purpose these serve, continue reading to find out.

Why do Cats Have Whiskers?
The main reason that cats have whiskers is to help with navigation and sensing the world around them. The cat uses their movable whiskers to like feelers, which alerts the cat to any objects close by. These whiskers are also used for navigating by sensing changes in air currents. This method of navigation is particularly important in dark environments and at night. The whiskers on most breeds of cat grow to the width of their body. This means that the cat can use them to work out whether it will fit into a certain space.

Did you know?
Some people trim their cat’s whiskers. However, this may cause them problems with navigation and is not recommended!

The whiskers on a cat can help you discover the mood that your cat is in. For example, a frightened or angry cat will pull their whiskers back against their cheeks.

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