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Why Do Dolphins Jump Out of the Water

Dolphins are mammals that are found throughout the world’s oceans. They are majestic creatures that are believed to be one of the most intelligent species of animals. They have a long history in human folklore, including stories about dolphins guiding lost sailors home. Dolphins are best known for their aerial displays as they jump out of the water in the wild or to impress the crowds at aquariums all over the world. This particular animal behavior has intrigued people for a very long time. If you have every wondered why dolphins jump out of the water, keep reading to find out.

Why do dolphins jump out of the water?
Unfortunately, scientists are not exactly sure why dolphins leap out of the water, but they do have some pretty good ideas. The first theory suggests that dolphins jump to get a different view of the water for locating schools of fish. They could even be looking for birds feeding on bait schools to help them locate potential food sources. The second theory suggests that it is a form of communication with other dolphins. The next idea is that dolphins leap to try and remove parasites from their skin. The last theory is based on the fact that dolphins may jump simply for fun and/or as a way of playing with other dolphins.

We may never know which one of these theories is correct. However, it is not entirely unlikely that each theory is correct and the dolphins jump out of the water for a variety of different reasons.

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