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Why Do Geese Fly In A V Formation

Geese are birds that belong to the same family as ducks and swans. There are many species of geese that belong to three genera; grey geese, white geese and black geese. Most of these species are known for their migratory behavior as they fly long distances to escape the winter. During these long flights they are known for flying in a v formation. Continue reading to find out why they do this.

Why do geese fly in a v shape?
The first reason that geese fly in a v formation comes down to wind resistance and aerodynamics. The bird in front works the hardest to fly and the birds behind fly slightly higher to reduce the wind resistance. This allows them to glide more often and conserves their energy. The v formation allows them to fly further each day than if they were flying on their own. Each goose takes turns at the front of the formation, to ensure that each birds get a chance to rest.

The second reason the geese fly in a v shape comes down to safety. This formation makes it easy to keep track of all of the other birds in the group and may also assist with communication. The formation is so effective that it has been adopted by fighter pilots to save fuel and keep track of the other planes!

The following video shows a number of geese flying in formation.

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