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Why Do Golfers Yell “Fore”

Golf is a complex sport that requires many different skills to be successful. A top golfer needs to be able to hit the ball a long way without compromising accuracy. They must also be able to play finesse and recovery shots, and be able to putt accurately when they reach the green. For most amateur golfers, and some professionals for that matter, this is a lifelong battle. Even if you are a relatively good golfer a bad shot that flies in the wrong direction is still a real possibility. When this happens a golfer yells “fore.” Let’s take a look at why golfers do this.

Why do golfers yell “fore?”
“Fore” is shouted when a golfer hits a ball that may strike another player or a spectator. It is a warning to people ahead that they are in danger and should take cover to avoid being hit by a ball. It is primarily used for wayward shots, but is also used when a golfer misjudges the distance to the players ahead.

The term is thought to come from the term “beware before,” which was shouted by the artillerymen when they fired a shell so that the men ahead would drop to the ground to avoid getting hit. Other possible origins include sailors who refer to the front deck as “fore” or from the long lost tradition of a “fore-caddy,” who would stand ahead of the golfer to find where the ball lands.

Did you know?
Professional golfers don’t always use this standard warning shout because there are volunteers to warn the crowd. Sometimes they will simply point their arm, and club, in the direction of the wayward shot to warn spectators. The following video shows a wayward golf shot from professional golfer Tiger Woods which hits a spectator.

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