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Why do we Sweat

Humans naturally sweat (perspire) everyday. We sweat more when it is hot an when we are very nervous. But why do we sweat? This post will answer that very question!

Why do we sweat?

The answer is actually very simple. We sweat to cool ourselves down. The body has three triggers to tell itself to sweat. First, your core temperature may be increased. Your core temperature is usually 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). If this temperature starts to rise, you begin to sweat. The second trigger is in temperature receptors located in the skin. If they detect the skin temperature is high you will start to sweat. That’s why, on a hot day, you sweat more. Lastly, when you are very nervous or scared you start to sweat as your nerves become ‘over active’ and make a certain substance to be made which causes the body to sweat.

How does sweat cool us down?

So I told you why we sweat- to cool us down. However, how does sweat cool humans down? This is all about science! Sweat is mostly water. As you know from science, water evaporates. It takes a certain amount of heat for water to evaporate. This heat is lost from the body, cooling it down. This is called the ‘latent heat of vaporization’. A fancy word that means the amount of heat it takes to evaporate water.

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