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Why do wounds itch when they are healing

You may be wondering why a wound is itchy when it is healing. This post will answer that question!

Why do wounds itch when they are healing?

Itching occurs when new cells grow under a scab. If you cut your skin, new skin cells will begin to grow and form a new layer of skin. The skin grows underneath the scab which become more tightly stretched. The stretching can make your wound feel very itchy.

If you burn yourself, your wound will be itchy for a different reason. An itch may be caused by nerves re-growing. Itching may also be caused by dry skin as oil glands (which keep the skin moist) may have been damaged (or even destroyed) by the burn.

To assist in the healing process it is important that you do not scratch a wound no matter how itchy it becomes. If the itchiness become unbearable seek medical advice. A doctor or pharmacist may be able to provide cream to reduce the itchiness.

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