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Why Is Logging Bad For The Environment

Logging is the act of cutting down trees to be transported and processed for use in many different timber products. Traditionally logging was a slow process that was completed by hand, but modern techniques mean that trees can now be felled, transported and processed faster than ever. It is a controversial practice because of the environmental effects that are caused by removing trees from the natural environment. Let’s take a look at why logging is so bad for the environment.

Why is logging bad for the environment?
Trees are one of the most important parts of Earth’s ecosystem. They filter many pollutants from the air as well as absorbing carbon dioxide to convert it into oxygen. By removing trees we are reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is being absorbed. Excess carbon dioxide is linked with global warming/climate change.

Unfortunately a large portion of logging occurs in old growth forests and rainforests. These habitats are fragile and take many years to regrow if logging takes place. They are also home to many species of plants and animals, which can die or be displaced by some aggressive logging tactics like clearcutting. Clearcutting also causes the land to be susceptible to erosion and landslides.

Is all logging bad?
No, there are many types of logging that have a minimal or no effect on the environment. Today, there are many tree plantations that have been grown especially for logging. There are also many responsible logging companies that replant new trees. Responsible logging is actually an essential part of providing a sustainable product (timber) for a wide variety of uses.

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