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Why is Physical Education Important

Physical Education (often called PE or gym class at school) is a course taken throughout a person’s schooling years. But why is physical education important? This post will answer that question!

Why is Physical Education Important?

  • PE can get children interested in certain activities. They may continue these activities later in life, making friends and being involved in groups.
  • It can help students learn about other cultures. Playing sports that are native to other cultures gives children a better understanding of those cultures.
  • Competition, encouraged by physical education, is an important part of life. It helps teach students the virtues of hard work and commitment.
  • Many PE classes now incorporate deep-breathing techniques (often using yoga) to help reduce stress.
  • Exercise is very important for the human body. It helps to burn fat and build muscle. It has also been shown to reduce stress.
  • Other skills can be encouraged through good teaching. Allowing students to be a ‘coach’ teaches management skills. Getting children to do scoring teaches practical math skills. Asking students to ‘report’ on the games teaches writing skills.
  • Martial arts classes can teach self-defense and help students feel more confident about themselves.
  • Good PE classes can also teach about the value of healthy eating and exercise.
  • Students who are not naturally gifted at sports will be encouraged to give new things a go.

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