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Why is Reading Important

Reading is a fundamental part of everyday living. Reading enables us to interact and understand the world around us. It helps us to explain our ideas and opinions to others and to record what has taken place so future generations can understand their history. Reading also enables us to utilize information others have discovered such as a recipe or instruction manual. Reading has many uses, but is it really important? Read this article and find out.

Why is Reading Important?

Helps our brain to develop
Reading is one of the most important skills we can learn as it helps to develop our brains. Reading is proven to exercise our mind, which keeps it sharp and functioning well. It improves our cognitive abilities by allowing us opportunities to practice creative thinking, analytical skills and problem solving.

Helps us learn important skills
Reading is the key way that we learn other skills. Learning to read is a vital skill as it helps young children to learn language and sounds. It also helps them to learn how to listen when another person is speaking. Books often explore social issues and are a great tool to help us to learn about social skills and how we should to relate to others. Reading is a must have skill to function well in society. It helps us to be able to understand instructions, fill out applications, follow maps and find and keep a job.

Reading improves other skills
Reading also improves many other skills that we need for everyday life. Reading can improve hand-eye coordination in young children. Especially books that have flaps, pop-ups, pull tabs and other tactile mechanisms. Reading improves concentration, focus, mental discipline and memory. Committing to learning the skill of reading requires all of the above as you must be able to concentrate and focus to comprehend written language. You must also have a good memory to be able to connect the correct sound with the word and letter symbols. Reading has also been shown to improve spelling and vocabulary, which helps us to succeed in other areas.

Reading helps us to develop personally
Finally, reading is an important part of how we develop personally. Reading enables us to learn about new things that we may never see or experience. Through books, websites and other reading materials we can explore places and opportunities in our minds. We can learn about any subject matter independently. It builds self esteem as it allows people to be independent in their own learning and interaction with society.

It helps us to explore concepts about ourselves such as emotions, decision making and relationships. Reading is one of the sources of information we use to learn morals, behavioral codes and virtues. It is through reading that we are able to examine examples of good from evil and cause and effect and make decisions about our moral code.

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