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Why is Recycling Important

Recycling is the process of changing old and used products into new products to reduce pollution and prevent the waste of useful material. Here are some to main reasons why recycling is very important.

Why is Recycling Important?

  • Without recycling, some important metals would be entirely used up in the next 50 to 100 years. For example, there would be no more zinc by 2037 without recycling.
  • Normal landfills, where regular trash goes, give off many toxic and dangerous chemicals. These include gases that contribute to acid rain. Especially important to the world today is the release of methane and carbon dioxide. Both are greenhouse gases and contribute to climate change.
  • It takes less energy to recycle old products than make new ones entirely from ‘scratch’. For instance, it takes little energy to recycle an aluminum can. However, it takes a lot of energy to produce entirely new aluminum cans as it is expensive to extract aluminum from its ore.
  • It saves our trees! There is no need to cut down heaps of trees to make paper, timber and other products you get from trees.
  • It creates jobs and stimulates the economy. People have to drive trucks to pick up the recycling and the recycling plants employ lots of workers.
  • Kitchen and garden waste can be easily be recycled by composting. These are great natural fertilizer for the garden and saves you money because you don’t have to buy manufactured fertilizer.
  • So what are you waiting for? Start recycling everything you can. Remember, recycling starts at home. For example, you can recycle plastic bottles by using them to store something! Just think of how you can use some of your ‘waste’ products and turn it into something useful!

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