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Why was Alexander the Great so ‘Great’

Alexander the Great is one of the most famous historical figures known around the world. But why was Alexander the Great so great? What did he do to deserve the word ‘great’ after his name? This post will give you a list of reasons why Alexander the Great really is great!

Why was Alexander the Great so great?

  • After his father died, he had all other possible heirs to the throne swiftly killed! That made sure no one would challenge his leadership.
  • Alexander the Great was a great military strategist and planner. He knew how to do battle. He extended the border of Macedon into India with great strategy! In fact, military academies all around the world still teach Alexander’s tactics today!
  • Unlike other rulers at the time, Alexander the Great would fight on the front lines of battle with his finest troops.
  • He died at age 33 but had accomplished so much in that time and had plans to do even more. He planned to take even more of the world for the Macedonian empire!
  • Alexander the Great led Macedonia to defeat the mighty Persians.
  • Before defeating the Persians, Alexander the Great dealt them a crippling blow by going into Egypt which was under Persian rule at the time. The Egyptians hated the Persians and appointed Alexander the Great Pharaoh as they knew he was stronger than the Persians.
  • Alexander the Great paid his military so they could fight full time and have the best equipment for fighting and war.
  • Not long after he became King, Alexander the Great successfully stopped revolts in many towns by selling the people into slavery or destroying entire cities. Cruel but effective!

So now you know what makes Alexander the Great so ‘great’!

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