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Zach Galifianakis Movie List

Zach Galifianakis is a celebrity actor and stand up comedian best known for his work on a number of comedy films. His career began with television in 1996 and his first film came 3 years later. After this time he continued to land small roles and supporting roles without any major successes. He appeared on television and in movies throughout the 2000’s and finally achieved his big break in 2009 when he co-starred in the popular comedy “The Hangover”. His success in this film led to more prominent work and he is widely seen as one of the rising stars in the industry. The following is a list of movies that Zach Galifianakis has acted in during his career so far.

Movie Title/Year/Character

The Campaign 2012 Marty Huggins
Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie 2012 Jim Joe Kelly
The Muppets 2011 Hobo Joe
Puss in Boots 2011 Humpty Dumpty
The Hangover Part II 2011 Alan
Due Date 2010 Ethan Tremblay / Ethan Chase / Stu
It’s Kind of a Funny Story 2010 Bobby
Dinner for Schmucks 2010 Therman
Rogues Gallery 2010 Hermit
Little Fish, Strange Pond 2009 Bucky
Youth in Revolt 2009 Jerry
Up in the Air 2009 Steve
G-Force 2009 Ben
The Hangover 2009 Alan
Gigantic 2008 Homeless Man
Visioneers 2008 George
What Happens in Vegas 2008 Dave the Bear
Speed Freaks 2008 Carol
Into the Wild 2007 Kevin
Zach & Avery of Fergus 2004 Homeless Man
Below 2002 Weird Wally
Next! 2002 Various Characters
Out Cold 2001 Luke
Corky Romano 2001 Dexter, Computer Hacker
Bubble Boy 2001 Bus Stop Man
Heartbreakers 2001 Bill
Flushed 1999 Pathetic Guy
The King and Me 1999 Pizza Boy

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