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Advantages of Nuclear Power

Everyone knows that nuclear power plants are, potentially, very dangerous. But what are some of the advantages of nuclear power? That is what this post will cover.

Advantages (Pros):

  • Nuclear power plants are more efficient than ever before. New technology has made them more reliable (they break down less often) and safer. People for nuclear power argue that this is evidenced by more and more nations (such as China) building nuclear power plants.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is a contentious issue. Proponents of nuclear power argue that, as no coal or fossil fuels are burnt, no carbon dioxide is released into the air. However, uranium has to be mined and transported to the nuclear plant. Both these activities require burning of fuels, so carbon dioxide is released. Also, producing nuclear fuel from the uranium requires a lot of energy, which also contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Although the initial cost of building nuclear plants is high, the running costs are relatively low.
  • One reason the costs are low is that nuclear plants need only a small amount of uranium to produce a lot of energy. In fact, if the cost of uranium doubled, costs would only be increased by 7%. 1 truck of uranium produces as much energy as 1000 trucks of coal!
  • Reduces dependence on foreign oils and natural gas (like biofuels). America, for instance, imports a lot of oil and natural gas from other countries. The price of these products is volatile, and change very quickly. If the price increases quickly, consumers have to pay more for their electricity (which they may not be able to afford). Building more nuclear power plants means that Americans will not be susceptible to price rises in oil and gas. President Barack Obama supports this idea of ‘energy independence’.
  • Nuclear wastes can be safely stored underground (another debated issue).

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  1. This helped with my science homework too. It’s very informational and well written. It’s easy to understand. This article was pretty good.

  2. This was AMAZING! I used it for science homework. It not cheating it learning! coursework is hard!

  3. Yes it’s true. 1 truck of uranium will produce the same amount of power as 1000 trucks of coal.

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  6. i think this site is okay, but it says it’s the advantages and it talks about how the mining and transportation of the uranium produces carbon dioxide, which is a disadvantage?
    overall, good though :D !

  7. Thanks for the nice comment Rachel. I talked about the mining/transport leading to CO2 emissions as many people forget this and think that nuclear power leads to no carbon dioxide emissions at all!

  8. Thanks helped me with my Geography and environmental studies A level on strategies to critically assess anthropogenic climate change ^^

  9. ahhhhh, thankyou!! amazing for my science homework :) everyone else is like ra ra ra , nuclear is bad, but these are good points that my teachers is going to be impressed by! :D cheers xx

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    great site lots of information!
    but I don’t know about nuclear half-life?
    could it help? :)

  13. Its the time for its radioactive mass to half or decay which is normally different depending on the different radioactive sources used. Any help?

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  15. Good information. The problem is, I need the author’s name and his/her qualifications for my debate homework.

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    i am sitting in the school library doing my case study on nuclear power.. yes it sucks. but anyway your information is useful, but more information be would be useful :D

  17. Have been reading the comments and think I have a new homework subject! I quoted the 1 truck uranium, 1000 trucks coal bit writing my “Environmental Issues and Policies” assignment. Im studying for my National Diploma Countryside Management! Great info, interesting points. :-)

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