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Why are Invasive Species a Problem

An invasive species is an animal or plant that has populated an ecosystem to the point where it dominates over other plants and animals in the ecosystem. An invasive species can be a species that is not indigenous, meaning that it does not naturally grow in the ecosystem or an indigenous species that dominants the ecosystem and chokes out other species. Invasive species can cause many problems in an ecosystem and need to be controlled and eradicated in some incidences.

What Causes A Car To Backfire

The sound of a car backfiring has been compared with a gunshot or firework. It is certainly loud enough to turn heads from quite a distance away. It is not common in newer vehicles equipped with fuel-injection systems, but can still occur under the right conditions.

Basic Algebra Problems

Last week I wrote some fifth grade math problems. Today, I am going to put up a few simple algebra problems (of different types) with the answers at the end of the post.


First Type: Solving Equations

Solve for x:

  1. 4x = 8
  2. 2x + 7 = 15
  3. x + 6 = 6
  4. 5 – (x + 2) = 10
  5. 4x = 7 + 3x
  6. 2x = 14 + 3x
  7. 3x = 6

Fifth Grade Math Problems

Try these fifth grade math problems (answers at the bottom of the post). Try not to use a calculator!

  1. What is 75 x 54?
  2. What is 12 x 19?
  3. What is 2/4 + 3/4?
  4. What is 1/2 + 3/4?
  5. What are the first four prime numbers?
  6. Is 25 a prime number?