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Mariah Carey Albums List

Mariah Carey is a popular American singer who has sold more than 175 million albums, singles and videos worldwide. Here is a list of all the albums released by Mariah Carey throughout her career.

Mariah Carey Albums List

Studio Albums

  • Mariah Carey (1990)
  • Emotions (1991)
  • Music Box (1993)
  • Merry Christmas (1994)
  • Daydream (1995)
  • Butterfly (1997)
  • Rainbow (1999)
  • Glitter (2001)
  • Charmbracelet (2002)
  • The Emancipation of Mimi (2005)
  • E=MC2 (2008)
  • Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (2009)

Live Albums

  • MTV Unplugged (1992)

Compilation Albums

  • #1′s (1998)- Greatest hits album
  • Greatest Hits (2001)- Another greatest hits album
  • The Remixes (2003)- Remix album
  • The Ballads (2008)- Compilation album. This album was re-released in the UK in 2010 as ‘Love Songs’.
  • Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey (2010)- Compilation album
  • Angels Advocate (2010)- Remix album

Compilation EP

  • Valentines (2000)- limited edition CD that was exclusive to Wal-Mart

Did You Know?

  • Two Mariah Carey albums have sold over 20 million copies worldwide! They are Music Box (28 million) and Daydream (25 million).
  • Mariah Carey’s best reviewed album is Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.
  • Carey has won 5 Grammy Awards.
  • Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1970, in Huntington, Long Island, New York.
  • She made her acting debut in the film The Bachelor (1999). She played the opera singer Ilana.

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  1. Mariah,,,wow! I love your music! I love that song called bye bye! it is a great song! but it sometimes makes me wanna cry!

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