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Where do apple trees grow

Almost everyone has eaten an apple, but have you ever asked the question where do apple trees grow? The apple trees we know today originated from the a wild apple tree that was native to Central Asia. It can still be found growing in the mountainous regions of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China. Amazingly, this original apple tree is the ancestor of almost every variety of apples that are available today, but unfortunately this species is not listed as vulnerable to extinction.

Most species of apples prefer a cool or temperate climate for optimal growing conditions. They tolerate cold conditions very well, but should be planted in full sunlight and away from any frost pockets (the area where cold air settles). They require some maintaining, such as watering and fertilizing, but are generally easy to care for. There are some specially developed species that can tolerate hot and humid weather, but most apples are still grown in cooler regions.

Many countries now grow apples for commercial purposes. China and the United States are the world’s top apple producers, followed by Iran, Turkey, Russia, Italy and India which all produce over two million tonnes per year. The world production of apples now sits at just under sixty five million tonnes. Within the United States over 60% of total production takes place in Washington state where conditions for growing apples are ideal.

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