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Where Do The LA Clippers Play

The LA Clippers were founded in 1970 as the Buffalo Braves. In 1978 they relocated and became the San Diego Clippers. In 1984 they relocated to Los Angeles and became the team that we know today. Unfortunately, the team is most well known for their lengthy periods without success. They have never won a championship and have never even managed to win a division or conference title. This makes them the oldest team to never appear in an NBA final series. Since moving to Los Angeles the team has only had two winning seasons.

Where do the LA Clippers play?
The LA Clippers share their home arena with another NBA team called the Los Angeles Lakers. This is the only shared arena in the NBA, although many teams share their arena with other sports or competitions such as the NHL or WNBA. As well as the Lakers, the LA clippers share their arena with a WNBA team and an NHL team.

The arena that the LA Clippers use for home games is called the Staples Center located next to the convention center in downtown Los Angeles. The Staples Center was built in 1999 and cost about 375 million dollars to build. Each year it hosts over 250 events and has about 4 million patrons through the doors. For LA Clippers games the stadium holds 19,060 patrons, but it can fit up to 21,000 people for some events. The highest attendance at the Staples Center is 20,820 for a boxing bout. Before making the Staples Center their home the LA Clippers played their home games at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

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