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Where is Iraq Located

Iraq is country located in the Middle East with a rich history dating back to the earliest known civilization in the world. The modern country of Iraq came about in 1932 when it achieved independence from the United Kingdom, although it has undergone many changes since this time. Despite being rich in important history, the country is unfortunately best known for recent wars and political turmoil, including the recent Iraq invasion and occupation led by U.S. forces. However, it remains a very important country in the region. Let’s find out where Iraq is located.

Where is Iraq located?
We already know that Iraq is found in the Middle East, also known as Western Asia. This region is to the southeast of Europe, west of Asia and northeast of Africa. The country shares borders with Syria (to the northwest), Iran (to the east), Jordan (to the southwest) as well as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (to the south). The country is virtually landlocked, but does have a small section of coastline in the northern Persian Gulf. The following is a political map of the region with Iraq and surrounding countries labelled.
A political map of the Middle East.
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The following is a world map showing the location of Iraq (marked in red).
A map of the world with Iraq highlighted in red.

Baghdad is the capital city of Iraq. It is located in the center-east of the country on the Tigris River.

Did you know?
Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 after claiming the country belonged to them and accusing Kuwait of drilling their oil across the border. This invasion was one of the factors that led to the Gulf War. The borders of the country were redrawn at the end of the war by the United Nations so that Kuwait was given 11 oil wells and and old military base that was once in Iraqi territory!

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