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Which Alphabet has the Most Letters

An alphabet is a standardized set of symbols or letters that when combined create words which are understood by the culture that uses the alphabet. Each letter represents a sound (phoneme) or range of sounds in the spoken language of the culture. An alphabet allows a culture to record stories and history and communicate via a written language. The first alphabet was developed in ancient Egypt in the 27th century BC and had approximately 24 hieroglyphs. There are over 100,000 alphabets used in the world today. However, a number of these alphabets originate from the Latin alphabet. So of the 100,000 alphabets around the world which has the most letters?

The alphabet with the most Letters
To answer this question we need to remember what an alphabet is defined as. We have already said that an alphabet is a set of standardized symbols or letters and that each of these letters represent a sound or phoneme in the spoken language. This definition excludes the Chinese written language as the characters represent whole words rather than phonemes. There are three types of alphabets: An alphabet proper in which each letter represents a phoneme and vowels and consonants are of equal importance, an abjad in which vowels are not used or marked and an abugida where vowels are noted but not as important as consonants. The alphabet proper with the most letters is the Georgian alphabet with 33 distinct letters. The Georgian Alphabet is primarily used in the country of Georgia. The abjad alphabet with the most letters is Sindhi with 51 letters. Sindhi is used in Pakistan and India. The abugida alphabet with the most letters is Khmer with a total of 74 letters. This alphabet is used in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand and in Australia and the USA by Khmer speaking people.

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