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Which Band Has Sold the Most Albums

Many bands have come and gone over the years, but all have had the same dream, to make it to the big time. Achieving world popularity and fame can make or break a budding band. Having your album sell millions or just thousands can also determine whether you live on forever or fade into oblivion. Chances are if you have sold millions of records your music will be known by nearly everyone. So which band has sold the most albums ever?

The Band who Sold the Most Albums
The band that is recognized as having sold the most albums of all time is The Beatles. The total number of certifiable sales of their albums is an amazing 246.1 million. Some publications have suggested that The Beatles have sold up to 1 billion copies of their albums worldwide. Album sales are difficult to verify due to the change in systems over the years. The Beatles were an English band that dominated the world music scene between the years of 1960 to 1970. There were four members in the band. They were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The band released 217 tracks and just over 10 hours of music. After their break up in 1970 each of the members had a successful solo career.

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Interesting Facts About The Beatles
The Swedish band ABBA is recognized as having sold the second most albums in music history. Their total number of certifiable sales is 54.5 million and they are still very popular today selling between 2 and 3 million albums a year. They were part of the music scene from 1972- 1982 after winning the Eurovision Competition. Other publications list the total number of album sold at 370 million. This fact shows just how popular The Beatles were, as they outstrip ABBA by 191.6 million album sales.

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