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Who Founded Greenpeace

Greenpeace (originally the Greenpeace Foundation) is a group of environmentalists who tackle important environmental issues such as whaling, bottom trawling, nuclear testing, nuclear power and global warming. Greenpeace has a presence across the globe with 28 national and regional offices around the world. This post will tell you who founded Greenpeace and also look at some facts about Greenpeace.

Who Founded Nintendo

Nintendo is a multinational company that is best known for its video gaming systems. The Nintendo DS is the highest selling handheld video console, and the Nintendo Wii has beaten rivals Sony (Playstation 3) and Microsoft (Xbox 360) to be the top selling console for 2007 and early 2008. But who founded Nintendo?

Who Founded Burger King

Burger King is one of the largest chains of hamburger fast food restaurants in the world. There are almost 11500 Burger King stores worldwide in 69 different nations. But who founded Burger King? This article will answer that exact question and also look at eight interesting facts about Burger King.