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What are Shallots

Shallots are vegetables. They are relatives of onions. They have a similar taste to onions, but they are sweeter and have a milder taste. They are used a lot in cooking and some people eat pickled shallots. Deep fried shallots are eaten in parts of Asia. The skin of a shallot can be golden brown or rose red in color. They have an off-white flesh. So know you know the answer to the question ‘what are shallots’. Let’s look at some interesting facts about shallots.

Facts About Shallots

  • In some countries, green onions are also called ‘shallots’.
  • Shallots are sometimes called eschallots or eschalottes.
  • Like onions, shallots release chemicals that irritate human eyes when they are sliced, causing tears.
  • Shallots are widely used in cooking in southern parts of India. It is often eaten in curry.
  • The name ‘shallot’ comes from Ashkelon, an ancient Israeli city. This is where the Ancient Greeks believed the shallot originated from.
  • Many chefs enjoy using shallots in their cooking as they have a firm texture, have a strong aroma and are fairly sweet.
  • Shallots are usually more expensive than onions, especially in the United States.
  • In Iran, crushed shallots are often eaten in yogurt.

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