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What do Italians Eat

Italy is a European country rich in history with diverse cultures and languages. Italian food, such as pizza and spaghetti, is loved by millions of people worldwide. But what do Italians eat? This article will explore the typical Italian diet and discover exactly what do Italians eat in a typical day. I will also give three facts you may or may not know about Italy.

To answer the question what do Italians eat it is best to list all the individual meals eaten in a typical day.


Italians do not eat bacon, eggs, toast or pancakes for breakfast. Italians typically eat a croissant or some yoghurt for breakfast with a cup of coffee or a cappuccino.

Morning Tea

For morning tea (taken around 10-11am) Italians tend to eat sandwiches with very thin slices of ham and/or cheese.


Lunch is the biggest meal of the day for Italians and they literally keep on eating for hours! Italians often take three hour lunch breaks. Pizzas are a common meal at lunch. Italian pizzas are very thin and have limited toppings. Italians nearly always eat vegetarian pizzas. Bread without butter and salads are also very common at lunch. Pastas are also common at lunchtime and the pasta is usually full of vegetables. Occasionally, gelato is eaten at lunchtime but it is usually saved until after dinner.


Italians always eat a lighter meal at dinner than at lunch. Vegetables are eaten every single night and are often accompanied by pasta. Meat is rarely eaten, and fish is much more common than red meat. Cheeses and nuts are usually served before and after dinner is eaten.


Fresh fruit is usually the common choice for dessert. Gelato (Italian ice cream) is sometimes eaten as a treat for dessert.

That is a typical Italian diet for the day. Even though Italians eat a lot of food, they manage to keep fantastic figures. The Mediterranean diet is becoming popular for those who want to lose weight.

Now that you know the answer to the question what do Italians eat, let’s look at three quick facts about Italy.

Fact 1: Italy is shaped like a boot

Fact 2: Italy’s capital Rome is the home of the Catholic Church

Fact 3: The most popular sport in Italy is football (or soccer)

So now you know what do Italians eat and three fast facts about Italy!

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