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What do Labor Pains Feel Like

Labor is described by many women as the most painful experience of their lives. Labor is also called childbirth, labor or just birth. The three stages of labor are contractions, delivery and expulsion of the placenta. This article will attempt to answer the difficult question what do labor pains feel like.

Labor pains vary from person to person. I know you probably want a more definite answer to the question what do labor pains feel like than that but it is entirely true. Every single woman reports completely different levels of pain and describe different feelings when giving birth. Fear, prior experiences, cultural ideas and the amount of support can all contribute to the amount and type of pain felt during labor. Additionally, any complications during the birth may cause more pain and different feelings than that normally associated with labor. To better understand the question what do labor pains feel like it is important to consider the two different types of pain:


During contractions most women report that the pains come in waves. Generally, intense pain is felt for several seconds to a minute and then the pain subsides for some period of time. As labor begins the time between contractions and the intense pain (often described as a tightening feeling in the stomach) is several minutes but this time decreases as the labor continues. As this pain comes in waves it is generally easier to manage than pains associated with the delivery stage. However, the pain is intense and comes suddenly which can make it difficult to manage. So now you know what do labor pains feel like during contractions let’s look at the next stage of child birth.


During delivery, most women describe the pains felt as excruciating. The intense pain does not subside and you also have to push while experiencing these intense pains. Most women say it is difficult to continue pushing when the pains are so bad. The delivery of a child is more than likely the worst pain you will ever experience in your lifetime. Unfortunately, labor is usually longest when giving birth to your first child.

It is very hard to give a definitive answer to the question what do labor pains feel like. I hope that this short article may help you understand just a little better.

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