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What Is The Largest City In The World

It is amazing to think how many people live in the world and all of these people need somewhere to live and work. Cities all over the planet have continued to grow bigger to accommodate the growing population of countries. As you consider this fact you may start to wonder which is the largest city in the world. To accurately measure this, a definition has been determined so that all cities can be judges using the same criteria. World Urbanization Prospects”, a United Nations publication defines a city proper as an area defined by administrative boundaries that does not include suburban areas where people who work and study in the city live. This means that the city consists of the business district and those other buildings that lie within the city boundaries. It does not include surrounding suburbs.

Largest City by Population
The largest city by population is currently Shanghai, China with a total of 13,831,900 people living within the city boundaries. It occupies an area of 1,928 square Kilometers (1,198 square miles) on the eastern coast line of the country of China. It is one of the most influential cities in the world impacting of finance, fashion, commerce and culture. Shanghai is the main point of trade between the east and the west and is being redeveloped to be one of the international leaders in trade and finance.

The top five largest cities in the world based on population are:
1. Shanghai, China with a population of 13,831,900
2. Mumbai, India with a population of 13,830,884
3. Karachi, Pakistan with a population of 12,991,000
4. Delhi, India with a population of 12,565,901
5. Istanbul, Turkey with a population of 12,517,664

Largest City by Surface Area
When measuring a city by surface area they measure all land that falls within the cities political boundaries. A city with the largest surface area in most cases will not have a vast population and will include forests, agricultural land, mountains and wilderness. The largest city by surface area is the city of Jiuquan in the Chinese providence of Gansu. It has a surface area of 64,864 square miles (167,996 km2).

The top five largest cities in the world based on surface area are:
1. Jiuquan, China with a surface area of 64,864 square miles
2. Altamira, Brazil with a surface area of 61,659 square miles
3. Kalgoolie-Boulder, Australia with a surface area of 36,901.7 square miles
4. Chongquig, China with a surface area of 31,815 square miles
5. Corumba, Brazil with a surface area of 25,096.6 square miles

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