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Where Do Mosquitoes Live

Mosquitoes are small insects best known for biting and sucking blood from people and other vertebrates. This process not only causes an annoying itchy bite, but can also transmit serious diseases, such as malaria and yellow fever. There are over 3,500 species of mosquitoes and many of these do not bite humans. In fact, male and female mosquitoes naturally feed on nectar and other juices from plants. In some species the female has adapted to sucking blood to provide the nutrients she needs to produce her eggs. If you have ever wondered where these insects live, keep reading to find out.

Where do mosquitoes live?
Unfortunately for those people that want to escape these biting insects, mosquitoes can be found throughout the world, with the exception of Antarctica. They are active throughout the year in the warm tropical regions and in cooler weather mosquitoes hibernate over winter. The eggs from mosquitoes in cooler areas are capable of surviving freezing temperatures and snowfall. Interestingly, arctic mosquitoes may only be active for a few weeks, but they can quickly form large swarms and become a serious pest!

The distribution of mosquitoes has changed since humans began traveling long distances. Many species have been accidentally introduced via sea or air transport. The eggs, larvae and pupae can live in any water filled container, which makes quarantine almost impossible.

Did you know?
Some experts label mosquitoes as the most dangerous animals on the planet because of the dangerous diseases that they carry and infect humans, and other animals.

Some people seem to be more attractive to mosquitoes than others. The reason for this is largely unknown, but it is believed to be mostly genetic.

Mosquitoes are attracted to high levels of carbon dioxide, which humans and other animals breathe out. They can detect high levels of carbon dioxide from more than 50 m (164 ft).

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