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Where do Salamanders Live

Salamander is the common name for about 500 species of amphibians. Generally speaking, they can be identified by their long tails, slender bodies and short noses. They are a small animal and most species are between 10-30 cm in length. Most adult salamander species live near water and some species are fully aquatic. The characteristic that they are most well known for is the ability to regenerate lost limbs and some other body parts. If you have ever wondered where these unique creatures live, read on to find out.

Where do salamanders live?
Each species of salamander has a different distribution and habitat, but generally speaking salamanders can be found in North America, Europe and parts of Asia and South America. The only continents that salamanders do not inhabit are Australia, Antarctica, and most of Africa. Approximately a third of salamander species can be found in North America. The habitat of the salamander is generally restricted to moist areas such as creeks, ponds and brooks.

Interesting facts about salamanders

  • The Chinese giant salamander can grow up to 1.8 metres (5.9 ft) in length and weigh 65 kg (140 lb).
  • Some salamanders are known to be cave dwelling. They lack skin pigment and have a pink appearance.
  • The axolotl is a species of salamander that is being studied with the eventual goal of regenerating limbs in humans.
  • The salamander has a long history in mythology. They were thought to be created by flames due to the fact that they often reside in rotting logs that were used in fires and were seen trying to escape the fire.
  • A fungal disease is believed to be a major threat to the salamander population. Deforestation and climate change are also thought to be reasons that the salamander population is in decline.
  • Some species of salamander can drop their tail when threatened. The tail continues to move after it has detached and this distracts the predator so the salamander can escape.

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