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Where do Scorpions Live

Scorpions are small animals with 8 legs, a pair of grasping claws and a tail with a stinger. They are known for their ability to cause a painful sting. They are venomous and are often feared because they are known to cause deaths. However, of the 1,750 species of scorpions only 25 species have venom that can kill a fully grown human. They belong to the same general family as spiders, ticks and mites. Let’s take a look at the distribution and habitat of these interesting creatures.

Where do scorpions live?
Scorpions are found on all the continents of the world except for Antarctica. The places where they are not found naturally include the United Kingdom, New Zealand and some of the islands of the South Pacific. However, they may have been accidentally introduced into many of these regions. Other regions that are not suitable for scorpions are the tundra and the high altitude environments of the subarctic or subantarctic. Most species of scorpions are found in subtropical regions.

Habitat of the scorpion
The habitat of the scorpion depends entirely on the species. They are commonly ground-dwelling animals and seek shelter in rocky or sandy areas. However, some species of scorpions live in trees, and others are comfortable in many different habitats.

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