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Who Discovered Astatine

Astatine is a chemical element that has no stable isotopes (it is radioactive). The most stable isotope of the element is astatine-210, which has a half life of 8.1 hours. Despite this fact, trace amounts of astatine (At215, At218 and At219) can be found on earth as the result of . . . Read more

Why are Whale Sharks an Endangered Species

Whale sharks are a large species of filter feeding sharks and are known to be the largest fish species in the world. They can grow up to 12.65 m (41.5 ft) long and weigh up to 21.5 metric tons (47,000 lbs), although there are reports that larger specimens exist. Whale . . . Read more

Uses of Lanthanum

Lanthanum is a silvery white metal that is never found in its free form in nature. It is a chemical element with the atomic number 67 and is represented with the symbol La. Despite not being found naturally in its free form, lanthanum is contained in some rare earth minerals. . . . Read more

How Many Countries Make up the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth (official title: Commonwealth of Nations) is an organization made up of many nations, most of which were once territories or colonies of the British Empire. The Commonwealth is not a political union, but more a loose association of countries with common values and goals. The organization carries out . . . Read more

Who Wrote “The Wind in the Willows”

“The Wind in the Willows” is a children’s novel first published in 1908. It follows the adventures of four animal characters and is set in England. The book contains many themes and cleverly uses the animal characters to explore human emotions. The book has been a favorite with children (and . . . Read more

Where is Honduras Located

Honduras (officially: Republic of Honduras) is a small country in terms of both area and population. The entire country covers just 112,492 square kilometers (43,278 square miles) and has a population of about 8.3 million people. This means that it has about the same population and is approximately the same . . . Read more

Chloë Grace Moretz Movie List

Chloë Grace Moretz is a celebrity actress who made her acting debut at just 7 years of age. A year later she landed an important role in the remake of The Amityville Horror and this would launch her career into stardom. She has appeared in a number of movies and . . . Read more

How Many Isotopes Does Vanadium Have

Vanadium is a silvery-gray metal that is never found in its free form in nature. It is a chemical element with the atomic number 23 and is represented by the chemical symbol V. Despite, not being found naturally as a free metal, vanadium occurs naturally as a part of more . . . Read more

When did Kansas Become a State

Kansas is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. Kansas shares a border with Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri and Nebraska. It is a relatively large state (15th largest in the country) with a population of about 2.9 million people (34th largest). The name of Kansas comes from . . . Read more

Who Won the First Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is an international tournament for One Day International (ODI) cricket. The finals of the tournament are held every four to five years and it is considered to be the premiere international tournament in the sport. All of the full (Test-playing) members of the International Cricket Council . . . Read more