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What Is The Largest Shopping Mall In The World

A shopping mall, usually simply called a mall, is a large complex that houses a number of different shops. The history of the shopping malls can be traced back to the large covered markets from the 15-18th century. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the idea for the modern shopping mall arose after the building of the Burlington Arcade in London and The Arcade in Providence, Rhode Island. The mall increased in popularity with the invention of the motor car. Today shopping malls are not only very popular, but many of them are built to an incredible scale. Let’s find out which mall is the largest ever built.

Which shopping mall is the largest in the world?

Leasable area (retail floor area)
The largest shopping mall based on leasable area is New South China Mall, which is located in Dongguan, China. The mall covers a massive 892,000 m2 (9,600,000 sq ft) and an estimated 660,000 m2 (7,100,000 sq ft) leasable area. Amazingly, the New South China Mall has been 99% vacant since it was built in 2005 and less than 50 stores can be found on the premises. The second largest mall by leasable area is the Golden Resources Mall in Beijing, China with a total retail floor area of about 560,000 m2. This mall is sometimes known as the Great Mall of China!

Largest total area
The mall with the largest total area is the Dubai Mall, which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It covers a massive 1,124,000 m2 (12.1 million sq ft), but has “only” 350,000 m2 (3,770,000 sq ft) of leasable space. The Dubai Mall features some of the best facilities imaginable including an aquarium, ice rink, luxury hotel and indoor theme park. The mall has more than 1,200 shops and in 2011 became the most visited shopping mall in the world!

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