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What is the Longest River in Asia

Asia is the largest continent in terms of both area and population. It is located to the east and south-east of Europe, east and north-east of Afirca, and north-west of Australia. Asia is home to some of the largest mountains in the world, including the Himalayas, and many long rivers begin in these mountain ranges fed from the numerous glaciers. Let’s find out which river is the longest on the Asian continent.

What is the longest river in Asia?
The longest river in Asia is the Yangtze River, also called Chang Jiang, which is located entirely within the borders of China. The river is 6,418 km (3,988 mi) long, which makes it the 3rd longest river in the world! The Yangtze River begins originates from more than two streams that are fed by the glaciers in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Officially, the source of the river is a glacier that lies on Geladandong Mountain in the Dangla Mountain Range. The river runs in a general west to east direction, although it does run almost directly south after the Tibet and Sichuan border before turning to the north-east. The river meets the sea at Shanghai where it empties into the South China Sea. The following is a map of the river and its major tributaries:
A map of the Yangtze River and its major tributaries.

The river is extremely important to China and about one-third of the population live in the river basin. It is used for drinking, irrigation, transportation as well as producing power via a hydro-electric power station. The river has at least two manmade dams and a number of other dams are in planning or under construction.

Did you know?
There are many names for this one river and different stretches of the river can be called different names. The upper portion of the river, commonly called Chang River or Sichuan River, is also known as the Golden Waterway!

The river is home to a number of animals, including the critically endangered Chinese Alligator and Chinese Paddlefish. Unfortunately, it is thought that the paddlefish may already be extinct.

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