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Who Invented Fireworks

Fireworks are low explosive devices often used during celebrations (such as New Year’s Eve). But who invented fireworks? This post will answer that question and then tell you some interesting facts about fireworks.

Who Invented Fireworks?

Unfortunately, no one knows the person who first invented fireworks. However, we do know that the first firework was invented in China sometime in the 7th century (600-700 BC). They were used to frighten away evil spirits with their loud sound. They were also used to pray for happiness and prosperity.

Interesting Facts About Fireworks

  • George Washington’s inauguration as first President of the United States (in 1789) was accompanied with a fireworks display.
  • Fireworks are sometimes used to scare away birds.
  • In Ancient China, fireworks were used to celebrate births and weddings for royalty and the rich.
  • The smoke released from fireworks can make it hard for people with asthma to breath.
  • The different colors in fireworks are generated by different chemical compounds. For example, calcium burns orange and barium burns green.

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