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Who Invented the Guitar

The guitar is a musical instrument that generally has six strings. There are many different types of guitars, including acoustic, electric, classical, Portugese, 10 string and 12 string guitars. But who invented the guitar? That is what this post aims to answer.

Who Invented the Guitar

The guitar has roots back to ancient civilizations. Here is a brief history.

  • Ancient Asian and Indian civilizations played instruments similar to guitars.
  • The modern guitar is similar to the Roman cithara (invented in about 40AD). The Moors also invented a four stringed instrument, the oud, based on the design of the cithara.
  • By 1200AD, there were two different types of four string instruments that were very similar to modern guitars. These were the Moorish guitar and the Latin guitar.
  • Gaetano Vinaccia is believed to have invented the very first guitar in 1779. It was invented in Naples, Italy. Some people believe this guitar, which has the signature of Vinaccia and the date 1779, is a fake. However, the majority of historians believe that it is genuine.
  • Classical guitars (also called Spanish guitars) were invented by Antonio Torres Jurado in Seville sometime in the 1850’s.

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  1. thank so much for this history on guitars it helped me a lot becaue i had to do a history report and i think i did good!!

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