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How are Earthquakes Measured

Earthquakes occur when the tectonic plates that make up the earth’s crust interact with one another. Some earthquakes are caused by the plates moving passed one another and others are caused by one plate sliding under the other. The size of an earthquake depends on the amount of force that has built up at the point of contact. Sometimes the plates moving causes only a slight tremor, whereas in other instances the movement can cause cataclysmic destruction. So how are earthquakes measured? Read this article to find out.

How Are Hurricane And Cyclones Named

Hurricane or cyclone is the name given to a severe tropical storm that forms over the ocean. It is either called a hurricane or a cyclone depending on where it forms. If it forms in the southern hemisphere it is known as a tropical cyclone. If it forms in the northern hemisphere it is called a hurricane. Each hurricane or cyclone that forms is given a name to distinguish it from other storms that have formed. This enables people to identify which storm is being talked about, and allows for the data gathered on a storm to be categorized together for later reference.

How are Diamonds Mined

Diamonds are a sought after precious stone that are included in many pieces of beautiful jewelry. They are the hardest known substance on the earth and come in a variety of different grades, colors and sizes. This mineral is used in both the jewelry industry and the industrial industry for cutting and polishing. Perfect natural diamonds with no impurities are clear in color. Those that are colored contain other elements such as boron or nitrogen. Diamonds from below the surface and therefore need to be mined from beneath the ground.

How Are Pearls Made

There is no denying that pearls are beautiful in all their forms and colors. They are a sought after jewelry item and their popularity has grown over the last decade due to our ability to make pearls artificially. It is little wonder with so many pearls around that people are interested in how they are made.