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How are Blackberries Grown

Blackberries, also called caneberries and brambles, are a fruit produced from a number of species of plants from the same family as raspberries and dewberries. There are over 375 species of plants in the group and many of these produce blackberries. The fruit can be eaten raw, but it is most commonly used as an ingredient in desserts, jams and jellies. Let’s take a look at how blackberries are grown commercially.

How are Bagels Made

Bagels are a baked pastry product usually made of a wheat dough. They are a popular food in many countries where they are available in fresh and frozen forms. Bagels are round with a small hole in the middle and resemble a donut, although bagels are not as sweet and have a different consistency. They are usually topped with poppy or sesame seeds although plain bagels are also common. The can be eaten plain, but many people enjoy them with cream cheese, butter, salmon or other toppings/fillings. Let’s take a look at how these popular pastries are made.

How Are Lettuces Grown

Lettuce is the name given to a group of green leafy vegetables most commonly used in salads. There are many varieties of lettuce including iceberg lettuce, which is the most popular and common type of lettuce in the United States. Lettuce was first cultivated in Egypt and slowly spread around the world. Today, it is grown in many countries of the world and the largest producers of this vegetable are China (12.5 million tonnes), the United States (4 million tonnes), India (1 million tonnes), Italy and Spain (both about 800,000 tonnes). Let’s take a look at how those green leaves in your salad grow.

How are Grapes Grown

Grapes are a small edible fruit commonly used for creating wine, juice, jelly and dried fruit (raisins). There are hundreds of different varieties of grapes and although many of these are used for wine, there are also popular eating grape varieties and these grapes are sold fresh in grocery stores year round. Grapes have been cultivated since recorded history and today there are many different varieties of grapes. The grape was originally domesticated in the Middle East where they spread to Europe, North Africa and eventually to most of the world. Let’s take a closer look at how grapes are grown today.

How are the Teeth Numbered

Dentists and orthodontists use dental notation systems to identify and record information about specific teeth. There are three primary system that are used to do this; FDI World Dental Federation notation, Universal numbering system (dental), and Palmer notation method. The FDI World Dental Federation Notation is used internationally, whereas the Universal numbering system (dental) is mostly used by general dentists in the United States and the Palmer Notation Method is used predominantly by dental students and dentists in the United Kingdom.

How are Fireworks Made

Fireworks are a type of explosive device that come in a variety of different colors and sizes. They are used primarily for entertainment at large events such as sporting activities and celebrations. The earliest fireworks are dated back to 7th century China where they accompanied many festivals and celebrations. In most countries personal fireworks are illegal, so firework displays are run by professional pyrotechnics. Fireworks are designed to create 4 effects: sound, light, smoke and floating materials. The most common colors that fireworks come in include blue, red, green, silver, yellow, orange and purple.

How are the Grammy Awards Decided

The Grammy Awards is an annual awards ceremony that recognizes outstanding achievement in the music industry. The ceremony began in 1959 and since this time has run by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) of the United States. As of 2012 there are 78 award categories and the winners take home a Grammy Award. The awards are named after the trophy, which is shaped as a gramophone. This Grammy’s are often seen as the music equivalent of an Academy Awards (film), Emmy Awards (TV) and Tony Awards (stage). Let’s take a look at how the Grammy Award winners are chosen.

How are Glaciers Formed

Glaciers are made of large amounts of fallen snow that has compressed into large, thickened ice masses or rivers. Glaciers can expand, contract and move very slowly forward due to their enormous weight. Most glaciers are found near the poles, but there are some located on every continent except for Australia and some small tropical islands. The largest glaciers are huge ice sheets found in Greenland and Antarctica. Both would cause significant rises in sea level if they were to melt.

How Are Cranberries Grown

Cranberries are small berries that grow on Cranberry vines in the wetlands of cooler regions. They are mostly grown in North America, although there are some small commercial crops grown in the colder regions of South America and Europe. The berries are mostly used for processed into products such as juice, dried fruit and sauce and are popular for their many reported health benefits. Only a small portion of cranberries that are grown are sold fresh because the berries have a sour and bitter taste. Have ever wondered how cranberries are grown commercially? Read on to find out.

How are Peanuts Grown

The peanut is part of the legume family and, despite its name, is not actually a true nut. The peanut is the fruit of an annual herbaceous plant, meaning they die after flowering and fruiting and grow back from seed, which are 1 ft to 1.6 feet (30-50cm) tall. When in bloom the peanut plant has yellowish-red flowers. Peanuts were most likely first cultivated in Peru around 7,600 years ago. There are currently four types of peanut being grown and sold around the world. They are called Virginia, Runner, Spanish and Valencia.