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How Are Lipids Stored In The Body

Lipids is the name given to a group of molecules that are naturally occurring. This group includes fats, waxes, fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K, sterols, monoglycerides, diglycerides, triglycerides and phospholipids. Whilst many essential lipids can be made by the human body, some need to be obtained from food and beverages. The main function of lipids is the storage of energy within the body. Lipids also carry out a number of other functions such as vitamin absorption, energy production, cell lubrication, hormone production and play a role in sending signals throughout the body.

How are Tattoos Removed

Tattoos are a permanent form of body art that are created by injecting ink under the skin layer with a tattoo gun. This ink cannot be washed or scrubbed away and the decision to get a tattoo should not be taken lightly. In some cases people decide that they no longer want a tattoo and decide to undergo a tattoo removal procedure. If you have ever wondered how tattoos are removed, keep reading to find out.

How Are Gemstones Mined

Gemstones are precious or semi-precious stones that are cut, polished and set to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. Most are made from minerals and rock and are mined from the Earth. However pearl and coral are often classed as gemstone as well. Gemstones are highly prized for their amazing colors and surface textures. Some of the most well known gemstones are sapphire, diamond, rubies, emerald and amethyst.

How Are Jelly Beans Made

Jelly beans are a popular confectionery product best known for their hard outer shell and soft jelly interior. They are made in the shape of a bean, which is where their name comes from. Jelly beans are made by many manufacturers and usually come in a mixed packet with a variety of different flavors and colors. The main ingredient of jelly beans is sugar, but other ingredients are also used to give the beans their distinct texture and flavor. Let’s take a look at how jelly beans are made in the factory.

How Are Cigars Made

Cigars are tightly wound packages of dried tobacco. They are easily distinguishable from cigarettes due to their size. Cigars have a much wider diameter than a cigarette. Cigars are clipped at the end and then lit. They are placed into the mouth and smoke is drawn through the clipped end and exhaled. Cigar tobacco is grown in specific countries such as Brazil, Cameroon, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines, and the Eastern United States and some types of tobacco are more strongly sought after than others for their superiority flavor and aroma.

How are Rubies Formed

Rubies are pink to red precious stones that are often used in jewelry and are highly sought after. The ruby gets its name from the Latin word ruber meaning red. The red color that rubies are known for comes from the presence of the element chromium . The most sought after rubies are the pigeon blood-red stones. Rubies are the 3rd hardest stones after diamonds and moissonite. Rubies are mined from beneath the ground where they are formed. Have you ever wondered how are rubies formed? Read this article to find out.

How Are Toothpicks Made

Toothpicks are used for many different things, including building models and serving appetizers, but their primary use is to remove food stuck in the teeth. They are most commonly made of wood, but can also be made of bone, plastic and metal. Evidence has shown the they have been used since the earliest human habitation and they even became luxury objects in the 17th century when they were made of precious metal. Today, most people use a toothbrush and/or use dental floss to clean their teeth, but toothpicks are still widely used.

How are French Fries Made

French fries, also known as chips, are one of the most popular fried foods in the world. French fries are basically strips of deep fried potato and can be made at home by cutting the potato into strips and frying in hot oil. However, fast food restaurants don’t have time to cut fresh potatoes into strips to serve their customers and instead use frozen French fries. These are delivered to the store in large bags and are be fried in oil to serve to the customer. Frozen French fries are also available from the grocery store for cooking at home. Let’s take a look at how these are made.

How are Sand Dunes Formed

It is a common site at both the beach and in the desert to see sand dunes. Sand dunes are large or hills of sand that are solid enough to stand on, climb up or even drive over in some cases. They range in size from smaller than a car to as large as a small mountain. Most sand dunes are longer on the side that faces the wind and have a steep drop off on the side not exposed to the wind. So what forms these magnificent sand dunes? Read this article to find out.

How are Hot Dogs Made

Hot dogs are one of the most popular types of fast food. They are usually served hot on a bun with various garnishes such as; mustard, ketchup, relish and/or onions. They are usually pinkish in color, but can be also be brown. If you have ever wanted to know how a hot dog is made, continue reading to find out.