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How are Diamonds Cut

Diamonds are a natural mineral formed under high pressure and temperature within the mantle of the Earth. Diamonds are the hardest known natural substance on the planet. They are mostly used for creating expensive jewelery and are the preferred gemstone for wedding and engagement rings. They are also used for polishing, cutting or grinding other materials. If you have ever wondered how the hardest natural substance on Earth is cut, keep reading to find out.

How are Crayons Made

Crayons are a instrument used for coloring, drawing or writing. They are popular for use with young children because they are cheap, non-toxic, not messy, and easy to use. The type of crayons most common today were not invented until the 19th century. There are many different manufacturers of crayons today, but the most famous is the Crayola company. Let’s take a look at how crayons are made.

How are Ceramic Tiles Made

Ceramic tiles are popular as floor and wall coverings, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom, because they do not absorb liquid. They are also used in many other applications, from the outer shell of the space shuttle to beautiful tile mosaics. Ceramic tiles are known for being fire resistant, durable and hard wearing, and are available in a number of different shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at the manufacturing process used to make the humble ceramic tile.

How are Pencils Made

Pencils have been used for writing and drawing since their invention in ancient times. They were often made from lead, but this has since been replaced with a more suitable material due to the dangers of lead. Unlike a pen that uses ink, a pencil contains a material that adheres to paper. This means that they must be sharpened during regular use to maintain a sharp point for writing or drawing. One of the main benefits of using a pencil is that the markings can easily be erased. If you have ever wondered how a pencil is made, keep reading to find out.

How Are Sesame Seeds Harvested

Sesame seeds grow in pods on the sesame plant. These plants are grown commercially for the seeds, which are commonly eaten raw, added to foods like bread or made into sesame oil. They are a popular food because they are rich in many essential vitamins and minerals. The largest producers of sesame seeds are India and China and . If you have ever wanted to know how sesame seeds are grown and harvested, keep reading to find out.

How are Igneous Rocks Formed

Igneous rocks are one of the three main types of rocks and make up about 95% of the upper crust of the Earth. There are over 700 different types of igneous rocks that have been discovered and most of them are formed under the Earth’s crust. They are studied by geologists to discover important information about how they were formed. There has been some controversy about how they are classified in the past. Today they are classified by how they occurred, texture (how the rock looks), chemical and mineral composition as well as the geological shape.

How are Mattresses Made

There are so many mattresses on the market today from simple foam mattresses to the top of the range latex rubber mattresses. No matter which one you buy it serves the same purpose, something to sleep on. What many people don’t know about mattresses is how they are made. Many are not just simply cut from a piece of foam, covered in material and then sent to store to be sold. The process is much more complicated and intricate. The following article will give you an idea about how mattresses are made.

How Are Dams Built

A dam is a large barrier built across a river or stream to confine and utilize the flow of the water. Often they are used in the generation of hydroelectricity. The water is directed across a series of turbines before being released out of the other side of the dam. A dam traps large amounts of water and create a reservoir or lake. This water can then be diverted for irrigation of crops or stored and used as drinking water. It can also be used to control flooding as it is able to be diverted elsewhere or released slowly.

How Are Tires Made

Tires are round, rubber, ring shaped covering that goes on a metal rim. They are used on transport such as cars and trucks. Tires provide a flexible surface for contact with road surfaces. Most tires are made from synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire. They consist of two major parts; the tread and the body. Tires can come in a variety of sizes and treads depending on the type of vehicle they will be used on. The tread on a tire is what gives vehicle wheels traction. Tires are filled with pressurized air to provide a cushion that absorbs shock whilst still allowing the vehicle to maintain traction and contact with the road surface.

How are Cell Phones Recycled

A cell phone is a small handheld device that is designed to make phone calls using the cellular network. It does not require a standard phone network to operate, buts uses a wireless system of towers to send and receive signalsl. Today, most cell phones are equipped with other features such as cameras, internet access and Bluetooth technology. Modern smartphones also have storage for photos, music, videos and “apps” such as games and organizational tools. Most people will own anywhere from 2 up to 50 cell phones in their lifetime. With the staggering amount of cell phones being thrown out the world over it only make sense to recycle them to stop them becoming landfill. So how are cell phones recycled? Read on to find out.