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What are Horseshoes Made out of

A horseshoe is a U-shaped object that is attached to the bottom of a horses hoof to protect against wear and tear. Horseshoes have been used for centuries and are usually nailed through the hard, insensitive section of the horse’s hooves. Different shoes are fitted to horses depending on the work that the horse is doing and the terrain they are working in.

What Are Deer Antlers Made Out Of

Antlers are the large growths that are found on the heads of many deer species. It is mostly the male members that have antlers, but female caribou and reindeer also have antlers. The main function of the antlers are as a weapon and defense. Male deer often use the antlers to battle another deer in a show of dominance and as a way of attracting a mate. Antlers are usually shed after the breeding season and the deer grows new antlers soon after this occurs. Antlers are a prized hunting trophy and are often mounted for display. Let’s take a look at the composition of deer antlers.

What are Surfboards Made out of

A surfboard is a lightweight, yet strong, board used for riding breaking waves. The first surfboard was first invented in ancient Hawaii where they were usually carved out of wood from trees. These were extremely heavy and many advances have been made in recent times to improve upon the original simple design. Modern surfboards need to float, be easy to carry and maneuver in the water, be strong enough to resist the forces of the waves and support a surfer standing on the board. Let’s find out which materials are used to create the perfect modern surfboard.

What Are Knives Made Out Of

A knife is a handheld tool with a sharp blade used for cutting. Knives usually have a fixed or folding blade and the type of construction depends on the intended use of the tool. They have a number of important uses, but in modern society they are most commonly used for cutting food items. Knives are believed to be one of the first tools invented by humans and were probably made from a variety of hard rock. The construction of modern knives has come a long way from this point.

What are Natural Resources

Natural resources are a group of resources that occur naturally within an environment and are not artificially constructed. Natural resources are often used by people to meet specific needs. They can be used to form other resources and may be living, such as fish or vegetable or non-living such as air or water. Some natural resources require processing to extract the resources such as metal ores or petroleum oil.

What are Fingernails Made of

Fingernails are the hard, claw like coverings that can be found at the end of the fingers in humans and other primates. The fingernail consists of the nail plate, the nail matrix and the nail bed which rests below it. It is also comprises of a number of surrounding groves. Fingernails grow in length and size throughout a person’s life and are often cut and cleaned to maintain healthy growth.

What are Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates make up part of a healthy and balanced diet and are one of the staple food groups. They are broken down by the body into usable, fast acting, simple sugars which give the body energy. Despite this fact carbohydrates are not an essential nutrient required by humans. Carbohydrates can be classified into two groups: simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. So, what exactly is a carbohydrate? Read this article to learn more.

What are Ugg Boots Made of

Ugg boots, also known simply as uggs, are a type of sheepskin boot that originated from either Australia or New Zealand probably around the 1920′s. Traditionally the boots were used around the house as slippers to keep the feet warm. They gained popularity with Australian surfers who used them to keep their feet warm after arriving back on the beach. Surfers visiting Australia took the boots and the spread to the UK and the U.S by the 1970′s. In 2001 a massive advertising campaign featuring celebrities was launched to promote the product and the boots quickly became a popular fashion trend.

What Are War Bonds

War Bonds was the name given to a saving bond that is purchased from the government treasury during times of war. The idea being that a citizen could place their money into a safe investment whilst helping finance military operations and in their own way help win the war. War bonds had a set interest rate, which was usually lower than what was normally offered, and could be cashed in for the face value plus the interest at a later date. The war bonds cannot usually be cashed in until after the war had ended. The government was able to use this money to finance their involvement in the war.

What Are Airbags Made Out Of

Airbags are a safety device used in most modern vehicles. They are designed to quickly inflate in the event of a crash to prevent the drivers and passengers from colliding with objects inside the car, such as the steering wheel and dashboard. Traditionally airbags were only installed in the steering wheel and passenger dashboard, but modern vehicles may have multiple airbags located in different parts of the vehicle. It is estimated that airbags have saved many lives and prevented many injuries since they have been introduced. Many countries now require or strongly urge that airbags be installed in all modern vehicles.