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What are Shallots

Shallots are vegetables. They are relatives of onions. They have a similar taste to onions, but they are sweeter and have a milder taste. They are used a lot in cooking and some people eat pickled shallots. Deep fried shallots are eaten in parts of Asia. The skin of a shallot can be golden brown or rose red in color. They have an off-white flesh. So know you know the

What are Demographics

Demographics are simply characteristics about a population of people. They are used in market research and by governments. For example, television ratings are measured in total people watching and the demographics of those watching. The number of males and females watching, as well as their ages, are the two most looked at demographics for television ratings.

Why are They Important For Television?

Demographics tell potential advertisers exactly who watches certain shows. For

What are Hybrid Cars

With the environment, and especially global warming, a hot topic at the moment (pardon the pun), a lot of people are considering purchasing hybrid cars. But what, exactly, are hybrid cars? This post will explain just that and also tell you some random facts about hybrid cars.

What are Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars (sometimes called hybrid vehicles) are simply cars that use at

What are Platelets

This post will tell you exactly what platelets are and what they do. At the end of the post you will also find a few other interesting facts about platelets.

What Are They?

Platelets (sometimes called thrombocytes) are small bodies made out of cytoplasm. The cytoplasm is a gel-like liquid substance that holds all the parts of a cell together (except the nucleus). Just think of it as a gooey