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Who Built The Titanic

Almost everyone is familiar with the story of the RMS Titanic. A ship that was advertised as virtually unsinkable, that sunk on 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg on its maiden voyage. Due to a variety of factors, including the fact that the ship did not contain enough lifeboats for all the passengers, 1,517 people died. It remains one of the worst maritime disasters to occur in peacetime. The ship went down in about 4km of water, which meant it couldn’t be located until searching techniques had sufficiently advanced. The wreck was discovered on September 1 1985. If you have ever wanted to know who built the Titanic, read on to find the answer.

Who Built Big Ben

Big Ben is the name of the bell inside the clock at the northern end of the Palace of Westminster. However, today the name is commonly used to refer to the whole structure. Since it was built it has become one of the most well recognized symbols of London and the United Kingdom in general. It is one of the top tourist attractions in the United Kingdom, but the interior of the tower is not open to international visitors. Let’s take a look at who built this iconic landmark.

Who Built The Acropolis

An acropolis is the Greek word for city on a hill or “high city.” Building a city on a hill was popular in ancient times because it offered protection and could be more easily defended. The most famous acropolis is the Acropolis of Athens which is commonly known as The Acropolis. It is a world heritage site and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Athens. The most famous building is the Parthenon, which is considered to be one of the most important ancient buildings in Greece.

Who Built Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World, not to be confused with Disneyland, is the world’s premiere recreational resort. It has a range of theme parks, attractions and accommodation that draws visitors from all over the world. In fact, it is the most visited vacation resort in the world. The resort once covered over 30,000 acres, but today has a total of 25,000 acres. Although many people believe that the resort is located in Orlando, it is actually located about 21 miles (34km) southwest of the city.

Who Built the White House

The white house is one of the best known man-made landmarks in the whole world. Its location is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C and is the residence of the President of the United States. Every president since John Adams, the 2nd president, has lived in the white house. It also contains an office for the president, called the Oval Office, and offices for the senior staff. The Cabinet Room is used for business meetings and is also where the US Cabinet meets. There are many other important rooms in the White House, including a room for briefing the press and a room to deal with crisis situations. If you have ever wondered who built this important building, read on to find out.

Who Built the Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historical castle in the capital city of England. It is located in central London on the river Thames. The tower has a rich history and has been besieged several times. It has also been used for a variety of different purposes over the years including; royal residence, treasury, Royal Mint, prison and home of the Crown Jewels. The Tower of London was damaged extensively by the bombing of World War II, but was quickly repaired and reopened to the public. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist spots in London.

Who Built Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is considered to be the most important church in London, and possibly the United Kingdom. It is part of the Church of England. The Abbey is the place of coronation for the King or Queen and where funerals are held for the royal family. Many important people have been buried at the abbey. It has also hosted many royal weddings since. Almost every king or queen has been crowned there since 1066. Today it is one of the most popular tourist spots in London and can be viewed everyday (although Sundays are restricted to worship services only). If you are wondering who built this impressive church, read on to find out.

Who Built the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was a barrier that separate East Berlin from West Berlin. Construction began on this wall in August of 1961 and it completely cut the allied-controlled West Berlin off from East Berlin and the rest of Germany. It was rebuilt and fortified a number of times and the final wall was constructed of concrete blocks with guard towers along the perimeter. The wall was separated from the west by a large open strip of land with anti-vehicle traps and nail beds. On midnight of Saturday the 12 august 1961, the borders between east and West Berlin were closed. German troops and police began to tear up streets, telephone line, and railway lines along the border making the boarder impassable for vehicles and people alike. They also installed barbed wire fencing along the 156 kilometers (97 miles) around the three western sectors, and the 43 kilometers (27 miles) that divided West and East Berlin. Effectively overnight the West was separated from the East with no regards to citizens and businesses. It was not until the 9 November 1989 that the Berlin wall “fell.” This date does not mark the actual destruction of the wall, but rather the destruction of the ideas that caused it to be erected.

Who Built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (sometimes called the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis) are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. But who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? This post will answer that question and then tell you a few interesting facts about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon!

Who Built the Eiffel Tower

Millions of people each year visit the Eiffel Tower. But who built the Eiffel Tower? This post will answer that question and then tell you a few interesting things about the Eiffel Tower.