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Why Are Snow Leopards An Endangered Species

Snow Leopards are a relatively large feline native to the Central Asian mountain ranges. They are only found at altitude (usually between 3,350 – 6,700 m (10,990 – 20,000 ft), but do come as low as 1,200 m (3,900 ft) during winter. Their name comes from their appearance, which is somewhat similar to the leopard. Despite this similarity, the closest relative to the snow leopard is the subject of much debate. The total population of snow leopards in the wild is estimated to be just 4,000-6,500, which means that they are listed as an endangered species. Let’s find out what caused this decline in population.

Why are Cheetahs an Endangered Species

Cheetahs are a large feline known for being the fastest land animal in terms of raw speed and acceleration. The cheetah was once native to Africa through to the south-west of Asia, but today there are only small isolated populations left in the wild. It is estimated that only 12,400 cheetahs remain in Africa along with a much smaller population of about 50 animals in Iran. The cheetah is now listed as vulnerable on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (ICUN) Red List of Threatened Species. Let’s find out what has led to this classification.

Why are Pandas Endangered

The panda, also called giant panda, is a large animal that belongs to the bear family. The panda is native to central China where they live in a few select mountain ranges. These animals once occupied a much larger area, but there are now estimated to be only 1000-3000 left in the wild. This means that panda is now considered to be an endangered species and efforts are underway to protect this much loved animal. Let’s find out why the panda is listed as an endangered species.

Why Are Koalas An Endangered Species

Koalas are marsupials (mammals that carry their young in a pouch) found only in the eastern and southern regions of mainland Australia. They have the appearance of a small bear and are usually gray and white in color with small patches of black and/or brown or their back and arms. They are known for spending almost their entire lives in eucalyptus trees where they feed on the leaves and spend most of their time sleeping. There is some debate about the conservation status of the koala and how many are left in the wild, but they are listed as vulnerable by 3 Australian state/territory governments. Let’s find out why this koala is endangered.

Where do Swans Live

Swans are birds closely related to geese and ducks. Depending on the classifications there are 6 or 7 species of true swans. The largest of these species are some of the largest flying birds in the world. Their wingspans can reach almost 3m (10 ft) and they can weigh over 15kg (22 lbs). Swans are one of the only birds that have teeth, which they use for catching and eating fish. Let’s take a look at where these birds live.

When do Puppies Stop Growing

A young dog is known as a puppy and they are usually born about 63 days after the mother becomes pregnant. During this early stage the puppies cannot open their eyes, but they are able to nurse immediately. Somewhere between 9 and 11 days they open their eyes and their ears become unblocked shortly after. They continue to nurse until about 1 month of age when they switch to solid food. However, there are many different breeds of dog and the puppies of each breed may have slight differences. During their time as a puppy they quickly develop and grow into a full sized dog. If you are wondering how long this takes, keep reading to find out.

How Does Kennel Cough Spread

Kennel cough, also known as canine cough, is a medical condition that affects all breeds of dog. It is caused by a variety of different bacterial and viral infections, which cause inflammation of the respiratory system. The symptoms include; harsh dry cough, retching, snorting, sneezing, vomiting and gagging. It usually lasts for 10-20 days and can reoccur if the dog faces a stressful situation. In serious cases it can progress into pneumonia. It is highly contagious and quickly spreads between dogs, especially if they are kept close together. Continue reading to find out how kennel cough spreads.

Why Does Salt Kill Slugs

Slugs are a group of loosely related gastropods that are similar to snails, but have no shell or very small shell. There are many different species of slugs, including some that live in marine environments (sea slugs). Some species of slugs are sometimes considered to be a garden pest because they eat fruits and vegetables as well as foliage, which can kill plants. Gardeners use various methods to kill or deter slugs from their gardens. One way to kill slugs is to use salt. Read on if you want to know why salt kills slugs.

How Long Do Elephants Live For

Elephants are the largest living land mammals on Earth and can weight over 6000 kg (13,228 lbs). They are easily recognized by their distinctive trunk, which is used for collecting food, drinking water and smelling. It is generally accepted that there are 3 species of elephants; the African bush elephant, African forest elephant and the Asian elephant (sometimes called Indian elephant). However, some researchers claim there are more or less species. If you have ever wondered how long elephants live for, keep reading to find out.

Why Do Dogs Pant

One of the key characteristics that all dogs share is panting. This is where the dog opens its mouth, sticks out its tongue and begins taking quick shallow breaths. Normally a dog breaths about 30-40 times per minute, but this can increase to 300-400 times during panting. You may notice that dogs do this quite frequently, but have you ever wondered why they do it? Continue reading to find the answer to this question.