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What is the Largest Christmas Stocking Ever Made

A Christmas stocking is a sock-shaped bag that is hung in the house on Christmas Eve in the hope that Santa will fill it with presents during the night. In general these stockings are quite small and are filled with smaller gifts, sometimes called stocking stuffers or fillers. The origin . . . Read more

Where do Brussels Sprouts Come From

Brussels sprouts are probably amongst the most hated vegetables on the planet. Children everywhere dread the sight of these leafy green vegetables on their dinner plate. However, they are rich in a number of important vitamins and minerals and contain a chemical that is believed to have anticancer properties. They . . . Read more

What Do Jackals Eat

Jackals are members of the canine family, which means that they are related to wolves, dogs and coyotes. There are three members of the jackal family: the black-backed jackal and the side-striped jackal (both found in sub-Saharan Africa) and the golden jackal (found in northern Africa, southeastern and central Europe, . . . Read more

Who Discovered Germanium

Germanium is a hard gray-white metal that is similar in appearance to silicon although, unlike silicon, it is never found naturally in its free form on Earth. It is a chemical element with the atomic number 32 and is represented by the chemical symbol Ge. It is a relatively rare . . . Read more

How are Ball Bearings Made

Ball bearings are a special type of bearing that contain a specific number of metal balls that rotate freely. They are used for a number of applications, but their most important function is to reduce friction between moving parts. There are a number of different types of ball bearings, but . . . Read more

Kevin Kline Movie List

Kevin Kline is a celebrity actor who studied at the World renowned Juilliard School in New York. He later joined an acting company in New York and began acting on the stage. He won two Tony Awards for his work in the popular musicals “On the Twentieth Century” and “The . . . Read more

Why are Albatrosses Endangered

Albatrosses are a family of large seabirds that can be found throughout the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean. It is generally accepted that there are 21 species of albatrosses that have been identified, although there is debate about the exact number of species. They are some of the . . . Read more