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Uses of Boric Acid

Boric acid is a weak acid that is made up of boron, hydrogen and oxygen. It is a solid white crystal substance at room temperature and can be dissolved in water. Boric acid can be found in nature in some areas of volcanic activity as well as in seawater, plants . . . Read more

Who Wrote “Brave New World”

A “Brave New World” is a well known science fiction (sub genre dystopia) novel first published in 1932. The book features a futuristic society that is unified by a One World Government (the World State) under the principles of the mass production assembly line developed by Henry Ford. Since it . . . Read more

Where is Bolivia located

Bolivia (official title: Plurinational State of Bolivia) is a country that can be traced back to 1825 when Independence from Spain was declared. However, since independence was achieved the country has lost more than half of its territory to the surrounding countries. Political and economic turmoil were the main causes . . . Read more

How Many Isotopes Does Chlorine Have

Chlorine is a yellowy-green gas at room temperature with a very distinctive odor (commonly associated with household cleaning products that contain bleach). It is also a chemical element with the atomic number 17 and is represented by the chemical symbol Cl. There are over 2000 organic compounds that contain chloride . . . Read more

Who Won the First Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is the most famous thoroughbred horse race in Australia. It is often called “the race that stops the nation” and parties are held to celebrate the race across the whole country. It is a 3,200 meter (almost 3500 yards or 2 miles) handicap race, which means that . . . Read more

What is the Largest Species of Butterfly in the World

Butterflies are flying insects best known for their, usually, bright coloured wings and fluttering flight technique. Butterflies share many similar characteristics as moths and there is very little difference between these two insects. Butterflies start out life as an egg, which hatch after about two weeks into caterpillars. After this . . . Read more

Where do Narwhals Live

Narwhals are unique looking whales with long straight tusks that begin on the left side of the upper jaw. These tusks are found in most male narwhals, but only about 15% of females grow similar tusks. Narwhals are a species of medium sized whale and they are most closely related . . . Read more

Who Invented the First Video Game Console

A video game console is a specialist electronic device that allows users to play interactive games on a display device (typically a television). Currently, the vast majority of video game systems are made by Sony (PlayStation brand), Microsoft (Xbox brand) and Nintendo (Wii brand). The video game industry is worth . . . Read more

Ed Harris Movie List

Ed Harris is a talented actor who decided to pursue acting after viewing theater productions while at college. He decided to enrol in the University of Oklahoma’s theater department and after he graduated he moved to LA to start his career. His first roles were guest appearances on stage and . . . Read more

Who Designed and Built the CN Tower

The CN Tower is a communications and observation tower located in Downtown Toronto, Canada. It was once the tallest building in the world as well as being the tallest free standing structure in the world, but was overtaken in this category by the Canton Tower in 2010. It is one . . . Read more